academic writing jobs uk

academic writing jobs uk

Are you a graduate or postgraduate degree holder, i.e., BSc, BA, MSc, MA, MBA or PhD? Are you looking for a flexible part time/full time job that fits your lifestyle? Do you excel at academic writing? Can you meet deadlines?
In return for your valued skills, you will be able to earn an average rate of £48 per 1000 words, with higher rates for more specialist work and tighter deadlines. You will have expert assistance from the team at Platinum Research who will be on hand to help with any questions and/or queries you may have to make things go as smoothly as possible.

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To be eligible to apply for this vacancy you must have:

Academic writing jobs uk
With Academic Minds, you can make good on all those years of study.
What’s my commitment?So long as you meet your deadlines for completing projects, you’ll be free to work to your own schedule. Some of our mentors live and work abroad – in the mountains, on the beach, on the road. But it’s up to you entirely. You can simply stay at home and enjoy the flexibility of working around family commitments or personal interests.

Academic writing jobs uk
When clients post an legal writing job, whether for the US or legal writing jobs UK, they receive multiple bids. Among the bids would be writers with years of experience and novice writers.
When a skilled writer is hired for scientific writing jobs, clients get quality content at an affordable rate. Whether clients have editor writing jobs, scientific writing jobs, content writing jobs, or other jobs in writing talented writers are available for hire.

Academic writing jobs uk
UK Postgraduate with a Merit and above.

The writing is in good quality and the material is accurate and precise. Many thanks.
Marco M., UK