clear and concise

clear and concise

As you can see, although these sentences state the same point, they differ significantly in terms of length, owing to the omission from the second of unnecessary linking and describing words, such as that and of the slightest degree. When revising your work, take care to see if you can make it more punchy by removing words and phrases that add nothing or little to the overall point being communicated or which may even lead to it sounding vague.
Writing in a concise manner means eliminating any unnecessary words from your writing, and avoiding repetition in what you say.

In this case, why use eight words when five will do?
Rules, rules, more rules. No wonder grammar gets a bad rap. Truth is, the rules serve to make you a better writer, not impinge your writing. Embrace them; they’ll make you stronger!

Good writing style involves not only using proper punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure, but also writing in a way that is clear and concise.
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Clear and concise
Clear and concise version:
Also, in the example above, “the bigger picture” and “a new perspective” are similar phrases so I chose one and eliminated the other.

Similarly to expletive constructions, many writers fall into the trap of beginning their sentences with “this is…” or “these are…” These constructions, while helpful because they contextually tie the current sentence directly to the previous sentence, lead to vague referents. Never assume your reader can follow you without significant guidance, and always make sure each of your sentences can stand by itself and make sense.
Writing concisely is a difficult process. Often, writers struggle to identify what needs adjusting in their drafts. Some writers may feel adding extra words or phrases lends sophistication to their writing, when in fact it creates clutter and can confuse readers. Learning to recognize wordiness, repetition, and vague or unnecessary language is an important tool to ensure your writing expresses your ideas as clearly and concisely as possible. Examining word choice, concision, and sentence clarity are important aspects of the revision process.