define demonstrates

define demonstrates

Define demonstrates

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1548, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1

Define demonstrates
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An example of to demonstrate is to show someone how to cook a meal.

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Define demonstrates
A classroom experiment seeks to demonstrate what it looks like.
The Forgotten Verses Of “The Star-Spangled Banner”

2056 studies were identified, of which 72 met the inclusion criteria, comprising 71 unique datasets. 52.1% of studies were randomised controlled trials. Twenty-eight (38.0%) studies reporting a burn wound infection outcome did not report how they had defined it. In the methods of included studies, 59 studies (83.1%) reported that they planned to measure burn wound infection as an outcome. Of these, 44 studies (74.6%) described how they had defined burn wound infection; 6 studies (13.6%) reported use of a previously developed consensus-informed definition of burn wound infection, and 41 studies (69.5%) described the specific indicators used to define it. Studies used between one (11 studies; 26.8%) and nine indicators (2 studies; 4.9%) to define burn wound infection (median = 3, inter-quartile range = 2). The most commonly used indicator was presence of bacteria in the wound (61.0% of studies). Only 13 studies (31.7%) defined burn wound infection using the same indicators as at least one other study.
We identified heterogeneity of indictors used to define burn wound infection across studies.