definition for descriptive writing

definition for descriptive writing

In the first paragraph of this descriptive excerpt, the author clearly describes the decrepit nature of the violin case, as well as the damage time has done to the bow. The second paragraph is a description of the characters, and their similarities. Both use sensory information for effective descriptions.
This description of the “Little Store” is not only clear and concise, but also has images and sensory information about the store building.

To be plausible, the descriptive writer has to constrain the concrete, evocative image to suit the reader’s knowledge and attention span. “Her eyes were brighter than the sapphires in the armrests of the Tipu Sultan’s golden throne, yet sharper than the tulwars of his cruelest executioners” will have the reader checking their phone halfway through. “Her eyes were sapphires, bright and hard” creates the same effect in a fraction of the reading time. As always in the craft of writing: when in doubt, write less.
Her last smile to me wasn’t a sunset. It was an eclipse, the last eclipse, noon dying away to darkness where there would be no dawn.

  • Writing about a person
  • Writing about an object
  • Writing about a place

There are three major forms of descriptive writing:

Definition for descriptive writing
Miller, R.G., & Calfee, R.C. (2004). Making thinking visible: A method to encourage science writing in upper elementary grades. Science and Children, (42)3, 20-25.
There’s no one way to teach descriptive writing. That said, teachers can:

Definition for descriptive writing
A biography is a form of detailed work, tell you about famous people’s life. A biography may include many surprising facts and details which you never heard.

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