gcse english language descriptive writing

gcse english language descriptive writing

Gcse english language descriptive writing
Annotate the image, squeezing out as much detail as possible. Do not limit yourself to just the obvious details. Dig deeper, what else could you presume would feature in this scene? Could something significant be happening outside of the snapshot? Make sure that you do not make wild assumptions and detract from the true essence of the picture.
If are not given an image to support this question, you have to work a little harder but you are now free from restrictions. What appropriate image can you draw on for inspiration?

Gcse english language descriptive writing
Choose description if you want to show off your writing style. Good description is sensory writing (think: taste, touch, smell, sound, sight). You need to put the reader in the moment your are describing.
Adjectives, metaphors, similes, personification, show don’t tell, five senses

Gcse english language descriptive writing
We don’t even know if Grimshaw’s his real name; that’s just what everyone around here calls him. A few of us dare each other to climb over the iron gates and sneak about the yard, getting as close to the house as we can without being seen. It’s a kind of ‘Grandpa’s footsteps’, I suppose. The furthest any of us ever make it is climbing up into the curled branches of the willows, which stop about halfway into the yard from the fence.
But today feels different, somehow. Today, we’re silent. The willows rustle; we listen. With a slow creak that’s straight out of a horror film, the gnarled front door swings open, and we get a close up of Mr Grimshaw for the very first time. He looks taller now, less crippled yet still leaning slightly onto his black walking stick, his gnarled and veiny hand resting on its ivory carved top. His eyes are bright blue and shimmering, like a glacier, and they’re open very wide, so that you can see the whites of his eyeballs. Hobbling in a firm, resolute manner, he starts off down the steps of the veranda, roughly following the worn, leaf littered path up to his letter box. By the time he gets there’s he’s panting heavily, we can hear him rasping even over the whispering trees.

While the resources have been designed with the English Language GCSE in mind, they can be used for other age groups to develop imagination when considering character and description.
COPY1/463/199 Burning of Cleethorpes Pier, 1903
Photograph of the burning of Cleethorpes Pier, June 1903

Gcse english language descriptive writing
Think about interpreting the title. Place? Time? Does an alchemist have to be medieval? Does a warrior need to be someone in armour (or someone who physically fights, or who is male)?
Ladies and Gentlemen. I give you.