good description

good description

Her last smile to me wasn’t a sunset. It was an eclipse, the last eclipse, noon dying away to darkness where there would be no dawn.

“Blank face in the windowpane
Made clear in seconds of light
Disappears and returns again
Counting hours, searching the night”

Good description
You can check which of your pages rank highest with Google Search Console. Simply take it from there. And be sure to add meta descriptions to all-new content from now on.
This check measures whether your meta description is too short (less than 120 characters) or too long (more than 156 characters). When your meta description has the right length, you’ll get a green bullet. If it’s too long, or too short, you’ll get an orange bullet in the SEO tab of the Yoast SEO meta box (or red, if you’ve marked your article as cornerstone content).

Good description
Dazzle your readers with vivid product descriptions. Think about words like velvety, smooth, crisp, and bright.

  • Who is making the product?
  • What inspired creating the product?
  • What obstacles did you need to overcome to develop the product?
  • How was the product tested?

Good description

  1. Search Terms. Keywords in your meta description that match the user’s query will be highlighted in bold, which for searchers who can see the results page (which is not all of them, because some internet users will be using a screenreader) will draw the eye and make your search result stand out.
  2. Brand message/strapline. This is an important differentiator in a crowded marketplace. In a nutshell, why should a searcher click on your webpage (or website) and not one of your competitors’? Be honest about what sells you.
  3. Compelling marketing message. If your brand message/strapline answers the question of “Why us?”, this answers the question of “Why now?” What need of the searcher’s can your webpage fulfil, and how?
  4. Unique selling points (USPs)/value adds/discounts/offers. This might be something like “Sign up today and get 50% off!” or “Try it now for 7 days!” Alternatively, you can substitute a more general call-to-action, like “Join the largest community of fishing enthusiasts online!”
  5. Brand tone. This one can depend on what kind of established tone your brand has and how well you can convey it in less than 160 characters, but like all copywriting, a good meta description can give a sense of your brand’s personality.
  6. Make it unique. Meta descriptions must be unique to each webpage, so make sure you aren’t using the same description for other pages on your site.

However, the better your meta description and the more suited it is to the types of queries that might lead a searcher to that page, the more likely it is that your own text will display. And if you don’t have a meta description set, sometimes totally inappropriate text can get pulled in – like a cookie consent pop-up (I’ve seen it happen). Which means it’s far better to have one than to not.

Good description
If possible, include bullet points.
This company does a good job of outlining what the product does, why it’s better than a traditional snorkel, and how it can improve the diving/swimming experience.