what is academia.edu

what is academia.edu

In other words: It is time to delete your Academia.edu account.
Screenshot of the new premium feature from Academia.edu which allows you to see the status of the . [+] person looking at your work.

What is academia.edu
I received a mail today from Academia.edu (a site I wasn’t previously aware of), asking me to confirm that I co-authored a paper with a colleague.
No. Academia.edu is academic spam.

Publishers are increasingly vigilant about infringement of their copyright on these platforms. See for assistance How Can I Share It:
Academia.edu profiles often appear high in Google searches, so a profile can be a great way to promote your research.

Academia.edu is a platform for academics and the counterparts. The website analytic identifies daily ‘log in’ from both, which means, it seems that general public also want to read research papers. Aside from its social networking benefits, Academia.edu is doubted whether it is suitable for all. If you are a student and looking for some papers for sale, first of all, check out this resource.
Furthermore, the media scholar also refuses to publish any of his paper to the website as he questions the unknown purpose of the knowledge sharing. Encouraging colleagues to do so; he also says that the papers are ‘being monetized by parasitic third parties’.

My mother, like my father, is a fine person in every way. Both my parents, for example, are recipients of the Québec Lieutenant Governor’s Medal, awarded for a lifetime of community service. My mother, however, is not, nor has she ever been, an academic, leading or otherwise. She is therefore an unlikely target for Academia.edu’s repeated attentions.
This raises a few rather interesting questions: How was my mother’s Academia.edu page created? How did it somehow get linked with her personal email address? Why is her name mentioned in papers by a top 3% academia user? Why the idiosyncratic label?