what is writing

what is writing

What is writing
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As the most visible items of a language, scripts and orthographies are ’emotionally loaded’, indicating as they do group loyalties and identities. Rather than being mere instruments of a practical nature, they are symbolic systems of great social significance which may, moreover, have profound effect on the social structure of a speech community.

What is writing
(1) Writing is a system of graphic symbols that can be used to convey meaning. See the observations below. Also, see the following topics related to the writing system:
Writing and Language

This disability looks different in every child, but the student will commonly have difficulty with spelling, punctuation, capitalization and learning basic grammar rules early on. As the child moves through the elementary school years and the demands placed on the student become more complex, different difficulties such as planning, organization, editing, and revising will often become apparent.
Page 1: Definition, characteristics, and causes of written expression difficulties

What is writing
Absentee Ballot vs. Mail-In Ballot: Is There A Difference?
Ellis, writing in 1765, supposes that they were the orifices of the cells occupied by the polypi.

What is writing
Writing is a poor assessment form for content knowledge. There are simply too many skill and competency-based barriers that can obscure the knowledge of the writer. Writing-as-assessment assignments, then, must be designed carefully.
Writing isn’t an assignment, but an assignment may require it.