write a description suggested by this picture

write a description suggested by this picture

Write a description suggested by this picture
Please note: AQA have said it is possible for there to be two descriptive tasks or two narrative tasks (as you can see in one of the example papers at the bottom of this post). It’s unlikely, but possible. Please read the task carefully.

Here’s an example of what the tasks looks like:

Next, either annotate the picture with ideas (if you are doing the first task) or make notes or a plan.

Picture-based tasks

If you go for the picture-based task, draw boxes around the most interesting things to focus on, and decide on an order in which to describe them:

Which structure you finally choose depends on your taste and the picture you want to describe.
If you want to practise describing paintings, check out the websites of some galleries and write down expresssions that might be useful for your descriptions. On the website of the National Gallery in London for example you’ll find lots of interesting paintings with descriptions.

Write a description suggested by this picture

  1. Building effective vocabulary

4. Using imagery and techniques to create an impact

Use a range of sentence and paragraph lengths. DELIBERATELY build in short sentences for effect; a short(er) paragraph. Some repetition. Three part lists etc.

  1. Write a story set on a dark night as suggested by this picture:
  2. Write a story about a game that goes badly wrong.

Write a description suggested by this picture
Here’s a descriptive writing example answer that I completed in timed conditions for AQA English Language Paper 1, Q5. This question is worth HALF of your marks for the entire paper, so getting it right is crucial to receiving a high grade overall for your English GCSE. Underneath the answer, I’ll provide some feedback and analysis on why this piece would receive a top mark grade (around 38–40/40).
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