writer definition

writer definition

Writer definition
In his view, a writer has only one duty: to be present in his books.
But the letter was, as you may imagine, written so that the writer should come to no harm were it intercepted.

Writer definition
“A writer is a writer. You care about writing. It isn’t men or women. . . . You sit down, you write, you are not a woman, or an Italian. You are a writer.” (Natalia Ginzburg, interviewed by Mary Gordon, “Surviving History.” The New York Times Magazine, Marc. 25, 1990)
The etymology is from an Indo-European root, meaning “to cut, scratch, sketch an outline”.

Writer definition
A person who writes, or produces literary work.
Etymology: [AS. wrtere.]

The subject of technical writing can either be:
Reports of analysis

Assume that Apple Inc. (AAPL) shares are trading at $210. A trader doesn’t believe that the shares will rise above $220 within the next two months, so they write a $220 strike price call option for $3.50. This means they receive $350 ($3.50 x 100 shares). They will get to keep that $350 as long as the option expires, in two months, when the price of Apple is below $220.
The primary objective for option writers is to generate income by collecting premiums when contracts are sold to open a position. The largest gains occur when contracts that have been sold expire out-of-the-money. For call writers, options expire out-of-the-money when the share price closes below the strike price of the contract. Out-of-the-money puts expire when the price of the underlying shares closes above the strike price. In both situations, the writer keeps the entire premium received for the sale of the contracts.