writing to describe gcse

writing to describe gcse

Writing to describe gcse
Make sure you don’t instruct students to always just ‘do the description’ because there could be two narrative tasks.
For Question 5, students can expect a choice of scenario, either a written prompt or a visual image related to the topic of the reading text in Section A. The scenario will provide a context for writing by providing the audience, purpose and form that will differ to those specified in Paper 2. Here’s a reminder of the key skills:

Writing to describe gcse
Alternatively, you may be given a statement:

  1. Describe a time when you were confined.
  2. Write a description of a teenager leaving home.
  3. Write a description of a new-born baby.

Writing to describe gcse
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Writing to describe gcse
Whilst a simile compares something to another object:
These are extremely important in writing to describe, as the marks available for this type of writing are almost all awarded for detailed, tangible description. So, every time you write a noun or verb, ask yourself if it would be possible to squeeze in an unusual or attention-catching adjective or adverb before or after it. Your descriptive writing will immediately improve, as shown in the example below: