writing to explain examples

writing to explain examples

Writing to explain is the only writing genre that is guaranteed to come up in the language exam, so it is very important that you revise this type of writing.
Main body: plan out 3 – 5 different points about your topic that you think are most relevant to your audience and will need to be explained. Don’t feel you have to explain everything: just pick the most important bits. Each point should be dealt with in a separate paragraph and a detailed explanation is needed so that the audience understands each one – here is where you should explain technical terms, use similes and metaphors to help readers understand new things by comparing them to old things that they have already grasped, use anecdotes, examples and evidence to add depth

Writing to explain examples
If you were explaining something to somebody in person, key part of the process would be answering any questions they had about what you were saying. So show you awareness of this to the examiner in your essay writing to explain, by including common questions or likely queries and their answers.
Remember, an important part of explaining something is to give the basic idea and then go into further detail about individual points. So make the style of your essay writing reflect this, with more simple sentences setting out clear points, followed by more complex, multi-clause sentences to thoroughly explain and expand on each idea.

Writing to explain examples
We all enjoy having friends – and few of us are without at least one friend we would call ‘special’. But just what is this thing called friendship?
Write an article for a teenage magazine in which you explain what friendship means to you.

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  • describing
  • giving examples
  • telling how something works
  • showing cause and effect

Writing to explain examples
It will keep your kids kids excited and engaged for weeks as they work through the following areas:
An explanation text is similar to a procedural text, and these can often be confused, however an explanation text explains the how and why behind a process such as